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The Past

I’ve been doing some reading, and I know. I know I’m not supposed to put my energy in the past. I need my energy for now and tomorrow and tomorrow’s tomorrow…But. I still have stuff to say. Like how a facebook memory of you annoyed on vacation makes me miss you. Like how I can’t…

Until she’s 18: A prophesy

Once I stood in our kitchenheld our baby daughterdid our dishesfuming You didn’t helpweren’t a partnerweren’t a parentfrustrating I thought to myselfvery clearlystick it out until she’s 18 beforedivorcing You decided to leavewhen she was 18I guess we make our future while prophesying


There was a time where I was planning to write a book based on our love story. I wonder if I had gone through all the old letters then if I would have picked up on this now obvious fact. You were an asshole to begin with! I mean, I’m gonna try to forgive myself…


Remember when the kids were little and they went to bed, like at a bed time? Sometimes you’d sneak out to the video store and get us a movie, stop by Dairy Queen and get us a blizzard to share. By the time you got home, I was usually done settling everyone in, nursing the…


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