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The Gold Standard

It was pajama day on Wednesday, and I joked that my regular clothes were pretty close to pajamas anyway. “My real pajamas are torn yoga pants I used to wear to work,” I explained to friends. “And maybe a really cozy sweatshirt over a soft t-shirt with holes.” Then I realized that I did have […]

Photo Booth

Three pictures in a row We both look at the camera, smileYou kiss my cheekI kiss yours Your hand is on my chinThe curtain behind us is redOur hair flows together Long brownLong blondSoft waves I’m not sure whenWhereWhy Or if Any of itIs true SmilesKissesYoung love Photo booth picturesCan lieJust like you

Porch Coffee

It’s 2020 My friend died this June. Every morning, I drink my coffee on the porch and I look for her in the bunnies, birds, and rainbows. Gary* made the morning coffee, and I head outside. Usually porch coffee is my favorite time with Gary. Early in the morning, before everyone is awake, before remote […]

Porch Chats

July 2020 I had some sort of cold in July. My daughter had outside evening rehearsals, and my husband always volunteered to go pick her up. He’d leave me with our boys, and I remember feeling annoyed. The boys were rammy from quarentine, and I was feeling under the weather. But, also, it was nice […]


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