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This is unwritableSeeing him with herwalkingsmilingdrinkingherein my placein my placehere I start thinking about how my grandma always wanted to go dancing but my grandfather never would. Then my grandma died and my grandfather started going out dancing. That always seemed like a kind of betrayal too. I know he left- the door closed, another […]

31 years

31 years is a lot of years to regret –it was more fun when I got to celebrateknowing you so long. Strange how I used to feel luckyand now I see your car through the blindswhen you pick up the kids. I’d like to ask the universe for a favor.(It’s a long shot though.) Could […]


You’re movingAcross the country In the movie version of this story, I think I’d proclaim, “I may have lost my husband, but you lost your whole town!” But it’s real life and I don’t really care So, instead IlaughAt my own hilarious ideas because, laughter I think of singing you The Last Goodbye at a […]


I confess, I got so mad listening to my husband of two decades profess his love for his mistress for days and weeks… that one day, I tried to claw at his neck before leaving the house to go sob at my friend’s house. There was this one time after he told me after many […]


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