The Wrong Band

February 2020. It must have been February because it was before the world shut down. I parked in my kids’ school parking lot and listened to Tori Amos sing The Wrong Band again. What was it about this song that reminded me of my life? I couldn’t quite figure it out. I think it’s perfectly […]


January 2020 December was rough. But I was trying to understand your friendship with Heather. I was trying to build a friendship as well. So, I agreed when she invited us to go to the movies, “Let’s go see Frozen 2,” she said. “I’d love to have your kids see it. I’ve seen it a […]

Red-Flag Shoes

Wingtip “I would be livid if some other woman sent my husband a gift like that.” That’s what my friends said, when I mentioned to any of them that Heather had sent my husband a pair of wingtip shoes. I’d explain how I don’t think like that. I’d say “They were meant to be for […]

Where did you learn that from?

My memory is fuzzy – way too fuzzy. Like, what happened when? At some point in the last few years, I started joking, “Where did you learn that from?” every time he did something a little different in bed.* He would laugh, I think. Say something, I think. And life moved on. And now that […]


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