That’s smart how you deleted all the pictures of us from your Facebook
I bet it felt good
Now you don’t have
that hit you in the face randomly —
date nights, anniversaries, funny stories . . .
It’s so weird to be deleted!

I should delete you.
It would just require so much
(And you wouldn’t even notice!)

You used to be so sentimental.
My sentimental heart grew even bigger with yours as its guide
We reminisced
to a fault
until the fault line cracked

A few times at the end, I tried to get you to look at photographs,
just to get the real you back

Until one day you looked at me with
I don’t know,
disgust disdain dislike

I’m not interested in looking back
at our life together,
you told me.

I’m on a forward trajectory,
you said.

So – I put the photo albums in the basement

They collect dust
You delete me
I write

One response to “Deleted”

  1. If you EVER want help deleting him, let me know. I’d help in a heartbeat. I wish I knew what to do with my old wedding album. I can’t burn it. (Yes, I thought about it long & hard.) It has pictures that started my family – it’s part of my kids’ histories. SO maybe, one day, I’ll give it to one of them & they can decide what to do with it.


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