Our Score

I cried a little
when I put away the scrabble board the other day
and found
tucked in
a paper with our score.

You won,
you always did.

Do you ever miss playing scrabble?
I mean,
with me?

And speaking of questions
Do you still like licorice jelly bellys
and what about the popcorn kind?
Do you miss our movie nights
and late nights
and good nights?

I mean,
Do you ever miss me?

One response to “Our Score”

  1. It’s amazing how long we ask ourselves this question. I still wonder this, even at 8 years after I figured out he wanted a divorce. Sometimes it’s, “Does he wonder at what he threw away?” Other times it’s more like, “I bet he misses me now!” (Because of something with the kids or when he was downsized out of his job.) Why do I pester myself with these questions? I think it’s because so much of my history is/was tied to his. I know you get that!


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