30,000 steps a day

I’m worried about you you need to maybe go to therapy
The dog walk is my therapy
Ok. Go on a dog walk

1 hour
2 hours
3 hours

“Where’s daddy? Call him. I’m worried. I can’t go to sleep. It’s late. Where’s daddy?”
He’ll be back soon. These walks are so good for his mental health.
I’m worried he’s cheating on you.”
Oh no! That will never happen. Daddy loves me. He just needs this exercise. He tries to get 30,000 steps a day.

See? He just texted that he’ll be home in 5 minutes.

How was your walk?
Great! Feels so good to be out there in the fresh air.
I’m happy for you. I’m glad you are doing that for yourself.
Thank you!
Are you coming to bed?
In a bit. I have work to do. I’m so energized from my walk.


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