Remember Easter?

Do you remember Easter time, a few years ago? When they found a suspicious nodule in my thyroid, and for a few weeks, the worry of cancer was passed around back and forth between us?

You said you couldn’t imagine life without me, and you didn’t want to.

We took Easter pictures with the family outside of my parents house, and we kept looking at each other, both thinking about how sad it would be if these became our last family pictures.

We were being dramatic, of course, in that in-between time of waiting for doctors and x-rays and specialists. Soon we found out all was well.

And then you got to know Heather, and then you decided you deserved someone better than me. And then you decided to start lying.

There’s poetry somewhere here, I think.

Then, you got to know Heather
Who told you, “You deserve better!”
You started lying.
You stopped trying.

By the next Easter, you were sneaking out to sleep with her, in between writing Easter affirmations for all of us at home for our easter egg scavenger hunt.
I kept those notes you wrote to me somewhere.
I hope I never find them.

This coming Easter, we will somehow split the kids.
And hopefully I’ll have forgotten the Easter we cried together, and held each other, and you told me you didn’t want to live without me.

I don’t even like Easter.

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