Really real?

Sometimes things don’t feel like they could possibly be real.

Did Heather really invite my husband over, promising him that their mutual friend, Kitty “loved him?
Did he race over to drink wine with them?
Did they transfer wine, mouth to mouth?
Did Kitty confide that she really wanted to have sex with her ex-boyfriend one more time before getting married?
Did my husband and Heather plan on guarding the bedroom door so Kitty could have her fun?
Did they figure they could also have sex while they were guarding the door?
Was the pandemic the only thing slowing down the insanity?
Did my husband really sneak out of the house during pandemic lockdowns, and come back late at night with glitter on his face, smelling of perfume and I didn’t even notice?
Did Heather tell my husband he should come and look at her daughter’s beautiful body?
Did Heather say she wanted to come to have sex and that it didn’t matter that I was there and that it would be even better since our 10-year-old was in bed with us?
Did I say “Thank God you didn’t do those things,” when I read Heather’s texts that mentioned children?
Did my husband say “Of course, I didn’t!” as if he would never in a million years do something wrong?
Did Heather’s husband, who knew about and approved of the affair for months decide he didn’t want it going too much further, threaten my husband and then run for a local political office and win?

It couldn’t possibly be real, right?

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