You’re moving
Across the country

In the movie version of this story, I think I’d proclaim,
“I may have lost my husband, but you lost your whole town!”

But it’s real life
and I don’t

So, instead I
At my own hilarious ideas
because, laughter

I think of singing you
The Last Goodbye
at a cabaret

Or ordering you a Shutterfly photo-book
”Our families through the years”

Or showing up with my kids just to
watch the moving truck pull away
Maybe we could put on a parade…

It’s funny because I have
a great sense of humor
But I don’t .
care —

You aren’t worth the energy,

It’s just –

Other people’s testaments to your greatness
leak through on social media

So many in the community are
so very grateful for the impact you’ve had on their children.
Their children
You are “magical!” They write.
“A gift!”
They will “cherish the memories”
“Town will never be the same without you.”

But would they wonder about your impact
on their children
Their children
If they knew that you once
texted my husband
to help you orgasm
And weren’t deterred by his 10 year old child snuggled in bed with him and his wife
You thought it would be fun to invite your daughter to the party

You called it
A family affair

(Like you were trying out titles for my
upcoming bestseller.)

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