The last year we lived apart
I mean, until this year – duh
You made me art
I pulled a picture you drew of me out of a box last night.
I never liked that picture
I crumpled it up last night
I said to myself, “That was easy”
and I laughed about how I didn’t have to spare your feelings
about that stupid picture
. lol

1997 — Back to 1997
You sent letters in the mail
Remember sending letters in the mail?
I pulled one of your letters out of a box last night.
You wrote, “Since we aren’t talking on the phone…”

But, why weren’t we talking on the phone? idk
It was right before we moved to our first apartment on Waupelani

You doodled on the envelopes in 1997
This one has a cute mile-marker map from you to me
Your trademark capital letters highlight the miles getting closer and closer
You usually added crazy initial puzzles (for only me to decode)
This one says SWAK
Not Sealed With a Kiss, btw.
Sweetie, Waupelani’s Around the Korner

I just have one more question about this letter from 1997
Why did you ask me to remember to act like I liked your Garbage Pail Kids? wtf?

Is that really 25 years ago?
That paper burned pretty easily, tbh!

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