Alone Time

I make vegan nachos—
On the mini stone
Pour myself a glass of wine

I think

I coveted this
When my babies were babies
Wherever I was, others were there too
At home, the store, the bathroom,
the bed

I watch tv I like
listen to music I like
Enjoy the peace tonight

I think

Alone time
is nice
but still so fucking weird

One response to “Alone Time”

  1. I totally get the alone is weird part! When I moved into my own house, I would eventually be joined by 2 of my 3 kids. But first I spent more than 6 months living on my own. The first night, sleeping on a borrowed air mattress (while I waited for my new mattress set to be delivered the next day), listening to the quiet, wondering at where I found the strength to be where I was, is a day I will never forget.


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