How are you?

I bump into my daughter’s old friend’s mom at Wegmans
She asks me
How are you?
How are the kids?

How are you?
How are the kids?

An old friend asks me at a bar
We head to the dance floor

The wife of my years and years ago teaching colleague smiles big with surprise
We hug hello
How have you been?
How are the kids?

Long time! I have a beard now!
Her husband says when I bump into him on the dance floor
How are you?
How are the kids?

We’re good!
We’re fine.
We’re hanging in.
I’m divorced now.

It’s funny to bump into people who aren’t up to date
Sometimes I just smile
Sometimes I share the news
Sometimes I tell the whole story

What a couple years, right?
Sorry to hear that.
Wait, what?!?
Oh my! Are you happy?

Sometimes I commiserate on how crazy the past few years have been
For everyone
Sometimes I apologize for having to tell them this news
About people they know

They might find my eyes a bit teary
But not usually
These days
I often laugh

People aren’t quite ready for any of it
They say Life is crazy
You deserve better
I’m so sorry

I thank them, maybe give them a link to my blog
and ask how they are
Good to Finally be back on a routine
Looking forward to the holiday

How are you?
at bumping into
old friends
and hearing their stories?

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