An Ironic Kiss in the Woods

I just remembered that time I cheated on you.
You know when I kissed Robin’s boyfriend in the woods?

I told you. I know I told you.
Didn’t I?

Robin was there. She sanctioned the kiss. We were taking a walk, the three of us. She kissed her boyfriend, then told me to, I guess. I remember the trees, I remember the kiss was not so good. A sloppy kiss and a sloppy memory.

I thought Robin didn’t really care about it until she wrote in my yearbook years later.
Don’t spit in the wind, don’t kiss other people’s boyfriends.

I must have told you right away.
Didn’t I?

I don’t remember you caring though.
I guess that was a red flag.
I guess my 15 year-old self wasn’t so great at seeing the red flags.
I guess I cheated on you first.

How ironic.

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