You missed it

You missed the best snow day ever.

Your children were full of smiles, relaxing and building legos.

Your youngest son made everyone hot cocoa.

Your daughter and her boyfriend went outside to shovel.

Your middle son made us vegan chicken noodle soup for dinner, and chocolate chip peppermint cookies.

A snowman was built – the best one ever.

Skis were tried out on our small hill, and across the street on the steep hill.

The dog frolicked even though he doesn’t usually like the snow.

We kept smiling, telling each other that this was the best day. The best day.

We watched Elf like every year.

Everyone helped clean up the kitchen and now the house is quiet. I can hear laughter coming from the basement every so often, and the cats are snuggled with me on the couch.

There is soft music playing, and the Christmas tree lights the family room.

It was a perfect snow day ever.

You missed it.

But you weren’t missed.

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