What would I say to you?

If I had a magic phone, I’d call you —
The you from before
Remember him?
He was kind
and safe
and good

I’d say


You’d say

Hi Peach

I’d tell you the end of our story

I’d cry telling you
all the things you did
all the things you said
You would cry too

You would ask
not understanding half of the twists and turns
very own
twists and turns
I’d have to explain it a few times

We might even laugh together
so ridiculous
this nonsense

You’d remind me that you
love me

You’d say
and whistle at the end


What would I say?
I’d say
You had an affair
She was the kids’ teacher
You snuck out of the house during a pandemic over and over again
You endangered the health of our whole family
You had unprotected sex with someone else -someone who has had plenty of partners and you brought that back into our bed
You betrayed our whole family
Did I mention she was their teacher?
Her husband knew about it all
He was an important mentor to our son
You gaslit, bulldozed, lied to us, spoke ill of us to others, ignored our needs, had me nurse your heartbreak
, and then reignited your affair
There have been years of knife twisting words
You never really loved me
You were cruel up to and through the divorce process
You often visit your new girlfriend in the city
You often miss weeks and weeks of seeing your children

You are a trope
And you are balding

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