Heather’s Couch

Early, 2020

Heather wanted my boys to watch The Mandalorian at her place. We didn’t have Disney +, and she thought it would be fun to have the families get together.

She invited her adult daughter too.
We had snacks, and wine.

Somehow I ended up sitting her couch at the back of the living room. Heather on one side, my husband on the other. I could hardly see the show.

My husband held my hand.

Heather held my other hand.

My husband rubbed my back.

Heather rubbed my thigh.

My husband laughed.

I laughed.

Heather filled my wine glass.

Heather joked around.

Heather flirted.

I was confused.
I was trying to be nice.

I was trying to be understanding.– even while on the couch between my husband and Heather, wondering why she seemed to be flirting with me, watching her daughter look back at her with slightly raised eyebrows.

I was uncomfortable. I was confused. I was still nice.
I laughed it all off and had another glass of wine.

I’m obviously working on trusting my instincts more… But please tell me how I was supposed to know that my husband and Heather were trying to secretly convince me to join them in a threesome.

I hadn’t picked up on their first manipulation weeks before when they were trying to secretly get me to be okay with polyamory.

A threesome was their backup plan.

Eventually, they gave up on that too.

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